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The mission of Mediterranean Business Consulting S.L. (MBC) is to provide quality services which allow our clients to initiate or broaden international expansions successfully.



The present economic context makes it almost impossible for any business to escape the effects of globalization. For most companies, international expansion is not just an option but a basic part of an organization's strategy for medium and long term survival. Internationalization can take on many different forms and degrees of commitment. Often involving a wide spectrum of options, business executives must ascertain which international opportunities fit best for the business.

International business is not reserved for only big companies; it is a viable strategy for all enterprises. Whether it be searching for new markets, locating suppliers, or purchasing technology, international business activities help companies to improve their competitiveness both at home and abroad.

New technologies and political climates that are free trade friendly swiftly change market conditions. Often the companies which survive in these changing markets are not the largest nor the most resource laden organizations; the companies which thrive are those able to adapt quickly to the changing business landscape. These nimble organizations focus on specific market segments where they have clear competitive advantages.



Quality for us means delivering to the client the agreed services within the stipulated deadline. Working closely with each client, we establish clear, achievable objectives. We identify milestones and continually measure our progress.







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