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Strategic consulting

For us, strategic consulting means setting a company's medium term and long term international objectives and determining the best path on which to embark to achieve these objectives. This requires looking beyond the current day to day operations of a company and focusing on broader industry trends and emerging technologies to identify viable business opportunities for the company in the future.

Once this initial analysis is completed, the next step is to evaluate how best to safeguard the company's competitiveness given its resources and overall objectives.

Strategic consulting sets the future direction of a company. But, strategic direction goes nowhere without a viable action plan. At this stage of a project, MBC provides an implementable plan specifying actions, deadlines, milestones, and the personnel required to make the strategy a reality.


Operative consulting of implementable solutions

Operative consulting consists of practical assistance during the execution of an action plan. Setting up a foreign subsidiary, managing a distributor search, or conducting a market study are all examples of operative consulting.

Often our help allows a client to find solutions for specific problems without having to use its own resources. For example, a client may give MBC a short term export assignment and like how MBC is managing the business. Rather than investing in the development of its own export department, the client decides to use MBC as its export arm.


Technology Transfer

In today's world, technology leadership plays a key role in the success of many companies. However, in-house research and development is not always the most efficient or effective way to secure this competitive advantage. Because research requires resources and time, purchasing already proven technology from abroad and implementing it locally is an attractive alternative for many companies.

On the contrary, if a company already possesses innovative technology and does not have the resources to commercialize finished products, technology licensing may be a feasible business strategy.

In both cases, MBC can help you to find the right partners worldwide.


Investment asstance

For companies considering to invest in Spain we offer a variety of services:

•  search for local partners;

•  assistance in relations towards (local) authorities;

•  viability studies, location search etc..

At a regional level the Andalusian government has marked aerospace, agribusiness, biotechnology, renewable energy, IT, environmental consultancy and logistics as priority sectors but other areas like real estate and tourism also continue to offer opportunities.

Spain nowadays offers a highly educated workforce of engineers, scientists, economists, lawyers etc.. at competitive wage levels compared to other European countries. Moreover special incentives may be available depending on the characteristics of the investment.












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